User & Admin Panel

Kal Online User & Admin Panel

It has Registration & Ranking and all scripts that your website need.

also Includes most of scripts / features  that player and admin need.

  • Registration (with activation code and serial number send to player email)
  • Forget_Password (If player lost his password he can recover it with email)
  • Ranking (Includes Normal / Reborn Ranking In one with player status and other headers , level / job / name / guild etc..)
  • Secure 100%, used by over 15x private server  during 2 years.

User Panel Features

  • Unstuck (If Player Stucked somewhere in game, can back to narootuh)
  • Rage Reset (Player can get full rage for animal transform)
  • Reborn System (Its a reborn system with rewards for each reborn)
  • Guild Time Reset (Player can reset his waiting time after leave guild)
  • Account Information (Player can view his account info and able to change email address / account password , with serial number)
  • Trade Character (Player can sell his character or buy another character with everything inside it)
  • Support Ticket (Player can send a ticket / message to admin or team directly from userpanel and will receive reply in same ticket [Easy way for contacting between player and admins])
  • Character Viewer (Player can view his character state and everything)
  • De-Activate – Activate (Player can de activate account and activate it again in anytime with serial number
  • Friends List (Player can view his friends list for each character with their levels and guilds)
  • Forgot S.N? (if player lost his serial number he can recover it again with email address)
  • Vote,Rewards (its a system that player can vote for your server in and after complete vote he will receive rewards in game)
  • Change Name (Player can change his character name every 3 days)

Admin Features

  • Ticket Panel (its a panel to reply on the tickets for staff or admins includes awesome features)
  • Info Viewer (its a important script for any admin, its help you to check all information for characters / accounts, you can search on player with PID / UID / Character Name / Account ID , and it fetch everything about player Like All his characters (Active / Removed / In Selling (Trade Character)) a real inventory viewer like game for each character , all skills of player with grades , Other awesome things.
  • Block/Unblock (admin can block player from site with time, and after time end player will get auto unblock, also he can unblock him manual, there is a reason form , so player can know reason of block when login to userpanel and can see time left for unblock)
  • Names Changed (you can see all players who changed their names from game (Changer name npc) or from userpanel script
  • Donation (Admin can give a donation coin to player in game)
  • Item Searcher (Admin can search on items by index, and see amount , IID and status of item if in inventory of player or storage )

For R3volution Protection There is a features too

  • Hwid Searcher (Admin can search on player log on last xx logs (date) or certain date and can see his Mac Address / Hardeware ID and all info of r3v log for each player , admin can search by UID / PID / Account ID / Character Name)
  • If player got blocked in game so he will get block from ucp too
  • Scripts working on all roots, also working on Web hosting (Windows)
  • Connections is : ODBC / MSSQL / Remote Connection Too
  • Full control On all features and admin options too
  • Its Lifetime plan :) you can use it in many times on all your servers.

Price very fair and very cheap, its static price, so you cant discuss that with me :P

All scripts and all features for players and admins.

Price :  29 €

Custom Templates for Registration and Userpanel 
(You will get the template you liked)

18 €  Extra

 Enjoy With Screenshots :)

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