Engine 2016 Addons

Engine 2016 Addons with my Additional Addons.

engine addons (New UI) 90% like int, includes most of features, 4class , nirvana , Riding, Qigong, 3rd job , f10 , battlefield and more…..

-Files/Addons Already tested on several public servers.
-Files is safe and stable 100%.

…:::Engine 2016 Features:::…

-Latest Engine 2016 , New UI

-All int features

-Immortal / Damage Events

-Riding System

-Protection Leader

-Hunting System
-Qigong Talisman (Black Magic of DSS)
-Real State C Bottom
-Picking/Healing Pets
-Jewel System
-Mining System
-Yin-Yang Mirror System
-Hanin Mirrors
-Gun Of Demon Gong
-Demon Gong System
-Repeatable Daily Quests
-XTrap Hackshield

-Mute System

-Jail System

-Unlimited pets

-Advanced Config for Soul Destruction Skill

-Advanced md5 config


-Nirvana System


…:::Advanced Battle System:::…

– You can create multiple battle system with min/max level

– Very Advanced Config

– 1vs1 Battle

-Party Vs Party Battle

– 3vs3 Battle

– 2vs2 Battle

– Last Stand Man


…:::Other Addons:::…

-enabled multi client

-Exp Table With Config File for server side / client side

-Fishing Rewards Editable

-Gold/Silver Pot Rewards Editable

-Shop Rewards

-Monster Summon Scroll

-Congratulation Message For LevelUp

– Egg Event <<

-Blessing Event << (Increasing Attack / Increasing Egg Exp )

-Player can  collect item to start Exp Event

-Daily Quest [Monster Kill]

-Item Buff

>Soul Destruction More Advanced Now with a smart calculation damage
>Soul Destruction Can be Aoe now to hit all targets around


…:::Advanced Auto System:::…

-Auto Notice

-Auto Egg Event

-Auto Snow Event (Blessing Of King , Rage Event)

-Auto Exp Event

-Auto Summon Monsters

-Auto Blessing Event

-Auto Declare For Castle War

-Auto Castle War With Rewards


– New UI Engine
– Resolution Bug Fix
– FPS Limiter
– “H” Button Engine Crash Fix
– Fixed Mixing List
– “V” Button Random Packet Fix
– “B” Button Enable/Disable Blob
– Working DSS Window
– Client Map MD5 Protection (md5.dat)


– MD5 Protection
– 2nd Password Which Reading From kal_auth
– Refresh-Able CJB Party Buffs
– Fixed Mixing System With Rate
– Fixed Exp Table
– New Stat Calculation
– New Hp/Mp Calculation
– Stone Of Birth Fix For New Stats
– Stone Of Chance Fix For All Skills
– Eagle Stat Fix
– Honor System Which Reading From kal_db
– Monster Blob
– New Ai
– 8590 Bug Fix
– 32k Hp Bug Fix
– F/L Sending Geon With Price Fix

– DLL Loader
– Auto Notice With Time
– Level Gap
– New Comer Buff
– Negative Z Coordinate Check
– Save All Player Info Every 10 Seconds
– Job Hack Detection
– Caution Message Every 2 Hour
– Negative Coordinate Crash Fix
– Level Up Congratulation Message
– Student Hack Fix
– Dance Hack Fix
– Animation Hack Fix
– All Skills (3rd job, active, passive, thief, mystery)
– Trade Hack Fix
– Weapon Change Delay
– Max Damage Protection
– Max Speed Protection
– Max Attack Protection
– Egg Exp
– Cooldown & Delay Protection
– Time Limited E-Mok
– E-Mok Boss System (Daily 7 PM)
– Real BOF With Effects & Half/Full Set Bonus
– Real DSS
– Real Time Mix
– Real Time Pimp
– Real Time Imp
– Item Drops Enable/Disable
– Assassin Drops Enable/Disable
– Castle War Crash Fix
– Revival Bless
– Multiple Commander Calls With 3rd Job Change
– Perfect Party System
– Egg Exp Stone
– Blessing Of Asadal
– Castle War Rebirth Disable
– G41 Transformation And All Egg Skills
– All New Int Buffs
– F/L Item Viewing Bug Fix
– Battlefield (Wednesday + Friday 9 PM)
– Guild Vs Guild Destructing Key Points (Tuesday + Thursday 9 PM)
– Instance Dungeon
– F10 System (Daily 6 PM)
– Happy Hour (Daily 6-8 PM)
– Real Pets
– Level Extension Until Level 255

  • Addons Comes With Ready Repack (HexTech Reloaded)
  • Full repack includes (Client Side & Server Side & Tools)


[Require License Key] To Download Full Repack (Trial Version terminated)


How to install Repack ?

-In Tools there is a clean database, restore it to your SQL Server
-You can download SQL 2008

-After install SQL Server and Restore Databases, Execute Query.sql (Important)

-Addons/Files require internet to run it without any problem.