Latest Engine 2018 + Shaman

Latest Engine 2018 Include Shaman Is Available….

Latest Engine 2018 Include Shaman Addons with my Additional Addons.

engine addons (New UI) like int, includes most of features, 5 classes , nirvana , Riding, Qigong, 3rd job , f10 , battlefield and more…..

-Files/Addons Already tested on several public servers.
-Files is safe and stable 100%.


…::: Latest Fixes :::…


1.costume visual bug fixed. [when you teleport to other area or relog you cannot see the costume of other players, its fixed now]
2.costume Wear Bug fixed , [You are already wearing item error]

3.You can add riding indexs in DenyItem , DisableItem > r3v_cracker/settings.ini
4.Scrolls , Buffs icons fixed.

5. You can use Quests in F1 such as teleports, buy items , etc..


Other Fixes in premium version

1.Damage Event icon fixed.
2.Exp event icon fixed.

3.Added new options in configs/options.txt
able to change time of systems [f10,emok,pvp,destruction, battlefiled , etc..]
able to disable shaman from creation ,
able to show success message for Insanity or Thunder for DSS and Qigong
able to change assassin limit level to kill lower lvls / higher lvls
4.Friends list status [Online/Offline] Fixed.
5.Commands cities removed [/fort,/naro, etc..] – you can use quests in F1.
6.LevelRewards fixed , you can use any level with real level , so level 38 = rewards in level 38 and add multi rewards in same level.
7.Coin index option added for rent items added in configs/rent.txt
6.Rent item can be used in kalshop now , just use (rent (billcode xx)(quest xx)) and it will call rent item quest in Rent.txt , You can use package too
8.Reward/Honor items is dynamic now, you can add any item with specific honor points , reward points in configs/options.txt

9.DenyItem In Rect Area , DisableItem in whole server features added in R3v_Cracker/settings.ini
10.DenySkill In Rect Area , DisableSkill in whole server features added in R3v_Cracker/settings.ini
11.Damage Event icon bug fixed.

12.stone of chance to reset skills for shaman fixed.
13.rollback fixed.

14-Shop Limit , Mining Limit By IP added to [configs/options.txt]
15-Demon Gong State Fixed.
16-Qigong visual fixed in storage.

17-MakeItem.txt added to configs , to make items with mining items


…:::Engine 2018 Features:::…

-Strong PK Password Protection.

-Strong XTrap Check , so none can bypass XTrap Protection.

– New Game Engine 2018

– Shaman Included

– X-Trap Protection
– Intlike Gifting System
– Real Mining System
(different axes, artificial items for all classes with various grades)
– Up to date original Items & Systems
– All 5 Classes (Shaman PVE rebalanced)
– MD5 Protection & New Client Protection
– Low EXP Rate
– Medium Droprate
– Balanced PVE/PVP
– Real Jobchange Quests
– Intlike Royal Inspector and Mission Board Table Quest System
– Daily and Repeatable Quests (with reworked rates and rewards)
– Mission Scroll System
– Exp Event Manager Merchant activated by players
– “B” button enables/disables Blob
– Summoning Scrolls
– E-Mok Boss System (Every Day)
– Rent System
– Riding- & Pick Pets
– Reworked Wooden & Treasure Boxes
– Intlike Mixingsystem
– Fair Item Shop (KC)
– Nirvana System
– Intlike DSS/Qigong System with balanced rates
– New Emok Island
– Shadow of Devah System
– Element Masters (Spawn is every 6 hours)
– Original Monster Spawns
– Castle War Winner Boss Event
– Real BOF System with effects
– Real DSS
– Real Perforation Shot
– Real Qigong Talisman
– Gun of Demon Gong System (Earth Water Fire)
– Castle War Every Saturday (auto system)
– Castle War Winner System (set and gather taxes)
– Trigram System
– Hanin’s Mirrors System (improved upgrade rates)
– Revival Bless & Protection System (Ascetic Npc in Town)
– Stone of Birth, Chance, Highgrade Stone of Chance
– Mystery Skill Level 81 / Mystery Skill Reset Stone
– Demon Gong System (reworked)
– Blessing Of Asadal
– Ancient Animail Exp Stone
– Additional Exp Stone
– Additional Animail Exp Stone
– Duel Tournament
– Destructing Key Point
– Protecting Leader
– Instance Dungeon
– Exciting Hour: Everyday from 19:00 to 21:00 server time
– Real pets (include new pets 2018 with random buff)
– 24/7 PVP Arena
– Certified Auto Payment System for save donations with fast delivery
– Intlike F10 System
– Upgradable Suits (Armor Skins)
– Rebalanced Shaman class
– Random ingame events
– A lot of monsters have original Skills
– Customized Golden- and Shopcoin System
– Customized Fishing System
– 100vs100 Battlefield
– Refreshable CJB/MA Party Buffs
– Timed auto notices
– Level Up congratulation message (Rewards as parcel every 10 levels)
– Additional rewards at the “Reward Level Manager” in Temporary Fort
– All Skills (3rd job, active, passive, thief, shaman, mystery, nirvana)
– Cooldown & Delay Protection
– Time limited E-Mok (Certificate System)
– Multiple commander calls with 3rd Job change
– Rebirths are disabled during Castle War
– Riding System (Riding Hotkey “R”) – New GUI (Interface)
– Multiselect item selling to NPC´s
– Picture of Hell (Instanced G1 dungeon/1 hour duration)
– Black & White Symbol System (NPC located in Temporary Fort)
– Skillbooks for knight, archer, mage & thief
– Perfect Party System (without Shaman)
– Teacher System
– Inventory Expansion
– Treasure Box Gamble System (100% Int System)
– Present Box Event

[ ——— Trial Version Ended ——-]

( to purchase premium version with lifetime license  , contact me )