DSS & BOF Creator Script

a smart script that create 8x grades of dss & bof from clean stuff in few minutes.

  • This script will help you to create 8x grades of dragon spirit scroll stuffs and Bead Of Fire stuff (From your clean stuff), in just few minutes and Configure it with realtime of DragonN_Addons.dll
  • Its for Defense (Armors) And Weapons, No Shields
  • Full Control On Each dss grade / bof / imperial , you can add the state you want for each class in each dss grade , bof / imp
  • The new state by your choice going add on to the original state of clean stuff
  • Very easy and advanced script

List of Dragon spirit scrolls

  1. Imoogi
  2. Shadow
  3. Sky
  4. Ancient
  5. Storm
  6. Violent
  7. Thunder
  8. Insanity

-Imperial For Weapons
-Bead Of Fire For Defense (Armors)

Final Results is : From your clean stuff or weapons

  • Weapons : Imperial / 8x grades of dss / Imp + 8x grades of dss
  • Defense : BoF / 8x grades of dss / Bof + 8x Grades of dss

Here is a video (its a example on g65 blood dragon (Defense) from clean repack

Same thing with weapons, but there is a options for imperial state

Some screenshots of Script

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Its lifetime , you can use it for all your servers and all your stuff / weapons

Price : 25 €