DragoN Addons (Free)

this is latest and stable version of DragoN Addons (Free)

This is the latest and the most stable version of DragoN Addons, its available now and free, enjoy it :)

  • Without Auto System, Which includes (auto exp event / snow event / cw with auto rewards / event item)
  • Without Save Logs Of Accounts
  • Advanced Config File
  • Menu With Reload Config File
  • Cooldown Protection (skills cooldown / skill Motion, transform skills (Animals))
    Over/under Ground Protection
  • Rewards at level up (items / skill point / state point)
  • Save & print Player Chat
  • Realtime ( pimp / upgrade [weapons, defense (armors) , accessories ) (bof , dss) [There is Upgrade Randomly Too]
  • Cjb Buffs Party and refreshable
  • realtime skillbook [to upgrade & learn any skill]
  • Bless for 5 seconds After Rebirth.

Commands List

  • /playerslist ;command [to check all players online in game with Level / Class]
  • /inparty name ¬† ;command [to check if player in party or not and get list of members]
  • /donation name index amount bound ;its command to insert item to player [ bound > true / false]
  • /setlevel player level ;Command to increase level of players [Cant return level of player]
  • /move_to name [a command to move to any player]
  • /setparty members ;(Command to set the limitation for party members)
  • /partylist ;(command for players to get members list of party)
  • /disable_rb ; its a command to disable rebirth, write command again to enable rb.
  • ¬†Attention : DragoN.cfg (Config FIle) without check on your settings, so if there is incorrect values it will cause a bug or crash in your server , be care while you add your values in CFG


Download DragoN Addons